Jonathan Salter

Clarinetist, Composer and Pedagogue


Here you can find biographical information, clips of performances and compositions, and information about my research. Please click below for more information.


To hear samples of my playing, please locate the "Audio Player" above. You can place a CD in the CD player to listen to a sound recording. All of these recordings are from live concert performances. Below, I will outline some of my performing experience.

  Bolcom, Concerto for Clarinet
1   I. Allegro
2   II. Cantabile
3   III. Scherzo-finale
4 Kalliwoda, Morceau de Salon, op. 229
  Prokofieff, Sonata in D Major, op. 94
5   I. Andantino
6   II. Allegretto scherzando
7   III. Andante
8   IV. Allegro con brio
9 Tailleferre, Arabesque
  Mozart, Concerto for Clarinet
10   II. Adagio
11   III. Rondo Allegro
  Mandat, Folk Songs
12   II. Heavily, with a fuzzy, unfocused, breathy tone
13   V. Like a Flemenco dancer with St. Vitus Dance
  Schoenfield, Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano
14   I. Frelaykh
15   II. March
16   III. Nigun
17   IV. Kozatske
18 Nielsen, Concerto for Clarinet

Professional Performance Experience

North Carolina Symphony Orchestra (extra)

Eastwind Quintet
Invited to join faculty ensemble for tour of China, with concerts in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, and Jiaxing. Participated as one of 24 invited international ensembles in the Shanghai International Arts Festival.

Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (extra)

Soloist, Lorain Civic Orchestra
Mozart, Concerto for Clarinet, 2007
Beckstrom, Concerto for Clarinet (world premiere), 2009

Mishigas Klezmer Ensemble: director, arranger
Professional klezmer ensemble based in Bloomington, Indiana.

Berkshire Symphony, Williamstown, MA
Associate Principal clarinetist
Soloist: Debussy, Premiere Rhapsodie, 2001

Albany Symphony, Albany, NY (extra)

Recital repertoire:

Doctoral Recital III, UNCG 2009
Kalliwoda, Morceau du Salon; Shostakovich, Sonata No. 2 (transcription); Tailleferre, Arabesque; Schoenfield, Trio

Doctoral Recital II, UNCG Fall, 2007
Benjamin, Le Tombeau de Ravel; Mandat, Folk Songs; Bolcom, Concerto for Clarinet; Kovács, Sholem-alekhem, rov Fiedman!

Doctoral Recital I, UNCG Spring, 2007
Chausson, Andante et Allegro; Tomasi, Concerto for Clarinet; Bartók, Contrasts; Fitkin, Gate

Masters Recital II, Indiana University 2006
Pierné, Canzonetta; Weber, Grand Duo Concertant; Guastavino, Sonata; Muczynski, Time Pieces

Masters Recital I, Indiana University 2005
Saint-Saëns, Sonata; Braun, Three Movements for Clarinet; Weber, Clarinet Quintet

Senior Recital, Williams College 2002
Piazzolla, Tango Etudes; Poulenc, Sonata; Stravinsky, Three Pieces;

Junior Recital, Williams College 2001
Brahms, Sonata No. 2; Horowitz, Sonatina; Bouffil, Trio;



Blueberry Jam (2008) premiered by Eastwind Ensemble in China
Streaming Induced Potential, for marimba (2008) premiered at UNCG
Cartesian Involution, for dancers with video capture (2008)
   Premiered at Jennifer Guy's MFA Dance Recital
Persistence of Presence, for clarinet, dancer, and audio-visual processing
   Premiered at Jennifer Guy's MFA Dance Recital
Looking Through the Glass, for electronic media (2008)
   Premiered at Jennifer Guy's MFA Dance Recital
Chaotic Dialectic, for bassoon and Max/MSP (2007)
Extensions, for clarinet and Max/MSP (2006) premiered at UNCG
Keeping Things Whole, for choir (2005)
Tombustion, for three sets of quintuple toms (2005)
To A Moment, for flute, clarinet, cello and piano (2004) premiered at Indiana University
Rhapsody for a Shadow, for orchestra (2002) premiered by the Berkshire Symphony
Insomnia, electronic media (2002)
The Sleeper, for low flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano and voice (2001)
Snap, for mandolin, guitar, piano and bass (2000) premiered at Williams College
Setsations, for brass quintet (2000)
Fantasy for Strings, for string quartet (2000) read by Lark Quintet
Extensions, for piano (2000)
Chorale and March, for string quartet (2000)
notions of motion, for piano, celesta, vibraphone and contrabass (2000)
Motivities, for flute, clarinet, viola and cello (2000) read by Eighth Blackbird
Dreamscape, for clarinet and vibraphone (1999) premiered at Williams College
Adagio and Scherzo, for trumpet and piano (1999) premiered at Williams College
Quartet for Mixed Strings, for violin, cello, guitar, and piano (1999)
Variations for Piano (1998-99)


Jonathan Salter grew up in Oberlin, Ohio, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Williams College where he majored in mathematics and music, graduating with highest honors. He received his Master of Music degree from Indiana University, and his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Dr. Salter was the associate principal clarinetist for the Berkshire Symphony from 1998 to 2002, and was selected to perform Debussy's Premiere Rhapsodie with the orchestra for the concerto competition in 2001. He recently completed a concert tour of China with the Eastwind reed quintet including performances in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, and Jiaxing.

Dr. Salter was the recipient of the Hubbard Hutchinson Memorial Fellowship from Williams College, the Excellence Fellowship from UNCG and also received the Leopold Schepp Foundation Fellowship. Dr. Salter's teachers include Michele Gingras, Susan Martula, Alan Kay, Eli Eban, Howard Klug, and Kelly Burke. Salter is also active as a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music, and his research concerns intersections between contemporary mathematics and music theory.


For information, please get in touch with me by email:


Classes Taught

Music Appreciation
2009—present, UNCG

Taught online courses for both college and advanced high school students through the UNCG iSchool program.

Music Theory
2008—2009, UNCG

Responsibilities included teaching first-year music theory and ear-training for aspiring undergraduate music majors.

Music Technology
2007—2008, UNCG

Designed course curriculum and assignments to guide first-year music students in the use of computer technology. Software included Finale, Word, Excel, Flash, Logic, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Quicktime. Students designed websites, arranged music on Finale, recorded and edited audio files, and created music-related graphics and animations.

Grogan Learning Community Faculty Fellow
2007—2008, UNCG

Created class on "Music, Ethics, and Technology" for freshmen in the Grogan College Learning Community within UNCG. The class dealt with the effect of modern technology on music, covering issues of piracy and distribution, the differences between recorded music and live music, and the question of fair use with sampling, remixing, and the opportunities provided by modern music technology. Students completed an individual presentation on trans-cultural diffusion of music around the world.

Clarinet Pedagogy

Clarinet Teaching Assistant
2007—2009, UNCG

Was responsible for a studio of up to 7 undergraduate music majors. Also conducted masterclasses and give presentations on specific topics related to clarinet performance. Served on juries for the clarinet department.

Clarinet Technique Class
2008—2009, UNCG

Guided undergraduate clarinetists through studies, scale exercises and ear-training activities designed to improve and facilitate good technique.

Clarinet Orchestral Excerpt Class Instructor
2009, UNCG

Instructed graduate clarinet majors and advanced upperclassmen on orchestral clarinet technique, including style, rhythm, and preparation of materials. The class covered a full range of orchestral excerpts for clarinet.

Chamber Music Coach
2008—2009, UNCG

Coached a clarinet quartet of undergraduate music majors.

Private Studio

Teach students at a wide variety of levels, including beginners, high school aged students, and adults. Students have placed in summer music programs and honor bands.



Chaos in Music: Historical Developments and Applications to Music Theory and Composition (defense date: March 19, 2009)

Chaos theory, the study of nonlinear dynamical systems, has proven useful in a wide-range of applications to scientific study. Here, I analyze the application of these systems in the analysis and creation of music, and take a historical view of the musical developments of the 20th century and how they relate to similar developments in science. I analyze several 20th century works through the lens of chaos theory, and discuss how acoustical issues and our interpretation of music relate to the theory. The application of nonlinear functions to aspects of music including organization, acoustics and harmonics, and the role of chance procedures is also examined toward suggesting future possibilities in incorporating chaos theory in the act of composition. Original compositions are included, in both sheet music and recorded form.

Papers in progress:

Analogous Application of String Technique to Clarinet Pedagogy (with Kelly Burke)
Two papers: Sound Production, and Articulation

Spectrographic research (with Kelly Burke)
Exploring objective tone assessment based on harmonic resonances present in a clarinetist's sound.


From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the opportunities and power of technology. Here, I detail my technological proficiencies and talk about some ongoing projects.

Technology, of course, has been very influential in my musical compositions of late. I have utilized Max5 to create works which are inspired by or directly incorporate elements of nonlinear dynamical systems (chaotic systems) into electronic, electro-acoustic, and acoustic works.

As a programmer, I am proficient with JQuery/Javascript, Java, C/C++, CGI, HTML, PHP, Perl, SQL, VB, .Net, ASP, CSS, and Flash ActiveScript. I have experience with Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX/LINUX operating systems. Among the many programs I have used, here is some of the software with which I am proficient: Microsoft Office applications including Access, scientific applications including Kaleidagraph, MatLab, and Mathematica, and media development applications including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as Fireworks, Quark, Cakewalk, Digital Performer, Sound Forge, Creative Wav Studio, Retro, SampleCell, Logic, Reason, and Protools. Experience also with Dreamweaver, Flash, Bryce, Final Cut Pro, Max5 (Max/MSP/Jitter).

I also do web design. Some recent web projects include:

UNCG Division of Continual Learning
Created JQuery/PHP applications for online classroom projects.

Cornell University Dairy Farm Business Summary Project
Implemented and deployed web-based PHP data graphing application for MySQL database.

Riverside Symphony, NYC
Updated website and designed/programmed customized internet store (PHP/MySQL) to interface with LinkPoint merchant account.

Compassionate Care Falmouth Walk
Interfaced Paypal-based registration with PHP website to create dynamic content based on user registrations.

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